We create different types of accent wall to give your walls  the much needed upgrade and style. We can create a design for you or replicate a design you find online.

Accent Walls

A resurgence of the accent wall trend is evident, as it now graces both interior and exterior spaces with its ability to be fashioned in various shapes and colors, imparting a captivating and dynamic 3D effect to the walls.

Today, accent walls have regained popularity, finding favor among numerous households and corporate settings seeking to add an extra touch of flair and style to their surroundings.

The true appeal of accent walls lies in their inherent versatility, offering the creative freedom to design them in a plethora of shapes, rendering them the top choice for many homeowners and businesses looking to infuse their spaces with a unique and artistic touch.

The fact that they are flexible and can be designed into various shapes makes them the number one choice of a lot of households and corporate spaces.

Twinx Interiors Accent wall

Full Accent wall decor with gold detail.

Twinx Interiors Accent wall

Geometric bedroom accent wall design on a plain wall.

Twinx Interiors Accent wall

Waterfall illusion accent wall design with gold and black details.

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-16 at 8.57.50 PM


This was a project we did for a client in Limpopo. It's a plain wall but we just added golden strips to give a little bit of details and elegance.

This wall created a perfect feature wall feel with lots of elegance.

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