Here is a few 3d wall projects we have done for our clients both within and outside south africa.

Our 3d wall art panels can be used in homes, offices as well as commercial spaces to give a glam feel to your walls at any time.

We have over 50 design of the 3d wall paneling just for you to have a wide range of options to choose from

Our 3d wall art panels is made from Bamboo and it comes as a hard paper board which is attached to the wall using a cornice adhesive.

The 3d wall panels comes in two sizes which are 500mmx500mm and 800mmx625mm. Four of the 500mmx500mm 3d wall art will be 1 square meter and two of the 800mmx625mm 3d wall art panels will also be 1 square meters.

The 3d wall panels does not come in colors, but they  can be painted to any color after installation using a spray paint machine or sponge rollers.

We offer installation services anywhere in south Africa and we can also supply the 3d wall panels if you will like to DIY.

We have over 50 designs of these wall panels for you to have a wide range of options to choose from.